We use only highest quality professional grade products in our work. The facepaint varies.  Currently we  use Snazaroo, Kryolan, Wolfe, Ben Nye and Arty Cakes. The glitter is cosmetic grade glitter from Amerikan Body Art. These materials are very safe, and can be removed easily with soap and warm water. Glitter has a tendency to stick around but everyone needs a bit of sparkle.

Glitter Tattoos/ “White” henna:

The glue in the glitter tattoos is hospital grade surgical glue. The glitter is very fine cosmetic grade. It is not edible, but it is very safe to wear, even around the eye area.

Fairy Hair:

Fairy hair is a holographic tinsel  tied into the hair at the root to make a temporary glittery highlight. It is a mylar thread. It can be washed and dried and styled with your regular styling products. The only real caveat is that it will melt with ceramic curling irons or flat irons its best to use a low or medium setting as they heat up to 500 degrees on high which will melt the mylar.


We get a lot of questions about the henna used in our booth. There is a separate tab for Henna FAQ on this site. We make our own paste and it is very safe, using only natural henna powder that has been tested for toxicity and mixed with lemon juice, sugar, dextrose powder,  and essential oils like lavender, cajeput (a relative of the tea tree plant), geranium, and rose.


Jagua is a South American body ink made from the Genipa Berry. When mixed with henna it can be applied in exactly the same manner, but the stain is very dark blue…almost like an older black ink tattoo.  It has very high contrast and is much safer than chemical henna.