Glitter/”White” Henna Designs last about 3-5 days. We do them freehand, drawing or sometimes painting with the glue and then brushing on superfine cosmetic grade glitter once the glue is dry. For very special occasions they can be combined with henna in a multi stage process that takes a long time, but is very complex and beautiful. This type of body art is ideal for formal events, and the glitter can be matched to your outfit.

The glitter design process takes at least 10-15 minutes, even for something small. If you get a glitter design and there is a long line you may be asked you to sit on the side for a few minutes to allow the glue to dry while the artist works on the next client.

Glitter is a good substitute for henna for younger children who have trouble keeping still long enough to allow henna to dry. Plus, GLITTER. Hello.