Meet Our Artists


Fairie Ringmistress to the Circus of Misfit Toys. Crow Whisperer and denizen of both this world and the sparkly realms. Over the years I have explored many mediums from drawing and painting to textiles, sculpture, architectural  interiors, theater and street art. Body arts are among my favorites because this work makes people so happy. With Sparkle we get to bring a little fantasy and magic to important celebrations like Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations and community events. We get to be part of transitions and healing with pregnancy belly art, henna for scars and crowns for people undergoing chemo. We offer pre tattoo work for people in big life changes who want to mark their inner transformations with art on their bodies.

Body arts are best learned by guided practice. Over the years I have mentored many artists in face painting and henna, and have been privileged to be mentored by them as well. Sparkle has evolved into a beautiful little community of quirky and gifted humans. We share ideas and resources and support one another in our efforts to make magic and beauty in the world.

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Eli, or Elisabeth for long, is a dedicated artist who is inspired and delighted by the children with weirdly specific requests. Working with kids never gets boring! 
Eli also enjoys doing body art for adults; grown-ups usually trust her to paint or draw whatever she wants to match their outfits, or auras. This special intuitive work can be very magical, and even healing.

When she’s not face painting or henna-ing, she can be found sculpting in clay or painting on canvas; fantastical faces, figures, and creatures. Eli also enjoys playing video games and is learning how to build muscle at the gym.

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Sarah is a local artist & former preschool teacher, combining her love of art & kiddos through the transformational art of face paint. Sarah’s specialties are Dragons & Mermaids. With over a year of face painting experience under her belt, Sarah is surely working her way towards mastering the craft!

When not painting, Sarah can be found somewhere cozy, crocheting and listening to audio books.



Beni is a fairy hair artist and poet currently waiting very patiently for a UNC degree. Beni loves to make everyone sparkle and thinks the world would be a much better place if we all embraced our inner magical, colorful weirdo.

In their free time, Beni loves to learn languages, read every book they can get their hands on, and is recently dabbling in a bit of pottery.