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Fairie Ringmistress to the Circus of Misfit Toys. Crow Whisperer and denizen of both this world and the sparkly realms. Over the years I have explored many mediums from drawing and painting to textiles, sculpture, architectural  interiors, theater and street art. Body arts are among my favorites because this work makes people so happy. With Sparkle we get to bring a little fantasy and magic to important celebrations like Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations and community events. We get to be part of transitions and healing with pregnancy belly art, henna for scars and crowns for people undergoing chemo. We offer pre tattoo work for people in big life changes who want to mark their inner transformations with art on their bodies.

Body arts are best learned by guided practice. Over the years I have mentored many artists in face painting and henna, and have been privileged to be mentored by them as well. Sparkle has evolved into a beautiful little community of quirky and gifted humans. We share ideas and resources and support one another in our efforts to make magic and beauty in the world.

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Multi-disciplinary art fairy in North Carolina. Fantasy and science are my greatest inspirations in art and life. I love learning but I also love to dream and imagine.

Life-long paint lover, long time henna addict, sculpture noob.

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Raleigh based fairy, Brooke, has always been delighted by anything that sparkles! Her heart becomes full by helping others see their own magic and reminding them that there is always magic to be seen as long as you believe. She loves to wow the crowd with bubbles of all sizes and her favorite flow props. Although she is still on her way to becoming confident behind the paint brush, she can tie a fairy hair so fast if you want to see it you better not blink! Brooke loves to make wire wraps, tie dye, and other magical trinkets and shall continue to develop her art for years to come.


Emily lives in a cave in the heart of a dark deep forest. Groundlings and serpentine slinternigts are her only friends. Upon the wings of an eagle she soars by day and by night, a weasel coat envelops her trembling small bones. On occasion her cave runs out of crumpets so she will saunter off to perform human duties such as painting the faces of children. She likes this but also likes the coins it brings to make her cave flicker with the warm light of grimbsle beewax candles.


Lea is a fairy hair artist and yoga teacher who grew up in Graham, NC and Maui, HI. Her favorite part about working with Sparkle is making children feel magical. Her favorite hobbies are Photography, Hiking, and Baking pies with her friends. 


Nadia is a henna artist located in the Raleigh area who enjoys all things art! Growing up, she traveled to Egypt often to visit family and it was there when she fell in love with henna art. Nadia finds joy in drawing all sorts of designs for people from florals and swirls to unicorns and dragons! When people leave the table with a big smile on their face then Nadia knows that her artwork is spreading positivity and joy – there’s nothing better than that! Nadia specializes in Indian and Middle Eastern bridal henna, the more intricate and bigger the piece – the better.

When not doing henna, Nadia enjoys: hiking, reading, and anything Pokémon related!

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Yael is a visual artist from NC. She has been dedicated to the craft of drawing since she was old enough to perceive of a pencil. She has been learning Henna since 2018 and can’t stop drawing even on her days off. Her favorite food is Pad Thai and she hopes to get good enough at Henna and planning to go on some fancy destination henna weddings.