Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on what service you get.

Face Paint: Professional quality face paint like ours will generally last until you wash it off with warm water and soap, or remove it with oil.  We can make it last longer with stage paint fixatives, but that would require a consultation first and may be priced a bit higher and is not recommended for children.

Henna: Henna is a plant based dye that stains the skin, and fades off as the skin exfoliates. The duration of your henna stain depends mostly on your aftercare. If you leave your paste on for the recommended  6-12 hours and avoid getting it wet for the first 24 hours, your stain should last 7-10 days, possibly more. 

Fairy hair:  Like all things fairy, fairy hair is a bit unpredictable.  It may last a few days or a few weeks or even months, depending on the strength of the particular hairs it is tied to.

Fairy hair is a super fine thread of polyester film with metallic surface, tied to just a few hairs at the root so it makes a magical sparkly highlight. All fairy hair is the same material, it just varies in thickness. It is safe for normal heat styling tools and will survive many washings and you can even dye your hair over it, though your hairdresser may prefer to remove the strands before coloring your hair.

Henna is a plant, lawsonia enermis. It grows in hot dry climates such as North Africa, India and the Middle East. The leaves are dried and powdered and mixed into a paste which is applied to the skin in designs, leaving a beautiful reddish  brown stain. This art form has been used over 5000 years and is important in many cultures from South Asia and Africa to the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

No. Henna is a reddish brown dye.  We also offer jagua by request, which is a blue/black body art ink made from the Amazonian Genipa berry.  We only use organic, safe body art quality henna and jagua.  We never work with “black henna” which contains additional dyes, or commercial henna, which contains preservatives. Chemical dyes and preservatives can be harmful for skin so we do not use them. We can offer “white henna” which is a surgical glue product set with fine glitter or mica powder and sits on the skin rather than staining.

We charge the bill rate per artist per hour, plus travel time and tent setup if a tent is required.  Our rates include all services available from that artist. We generally have a two hour minimum for events.

As with any foreign substance applied to skin, it is possible to have an allergic reaction so if you are concerned we recommend a small test patch before your service.That said, reactions are extremely rare. We use only the highest quality professional body art face paints and glitters. We make our own henna using only certified organic henna powder, sugar, water or lemon juice and non volatile therapeutic grade essential oils like lavender and cajeput. We do offer certified organic jagua as well, which is a fruit based dye, and “white henna” which is a surgical glue product. All are generally safe for skin, but if you are sensitive it is best to try a test patch first.

It is very important to us to keep our crew and customers as safe as we can. Body art is a high touch activity and like COVID, our response to the risk of virus is continually evolving. We are currently taking all types of appointments and are open to conversations about how to proceed safely for your event.

Yes!  We all do many kinds of art. Paintings and drawings, Murals, Textiles, Ceramics, Architectural Painting, Street Art and many more!  If you have a project that you feel could use a little sparkle, please ask us.