Does your celebration need a bit of Sparkle? We can set up as a vendor or you can pay us by the hour. We can set up indoors or out. Birthday parties, Corporate Sales and team building events, Weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Community Events Family reunions and Block parties, a Sparkle Booth is a magical addition to your event.

Fantasy Face Painting

Do you want to be pretty or scary?

Sparkle Body Arts is artistic entertainment for your special occasion. Our fantasy face painting is freehand, using the highest quality professional face paints and glitters. Instead of the usual menu of standardized designs, we give each client something special; often unique. Magical flower fairies and elemental dragons, cute puppies and evil vampire mermaid queens; nearly anything is possible. Whether your inner being is a sparkle kitty unicorn or a flesh eating zombie, a galactic wizard or an adorable farm animal, we gotchu.

Our approach means we take a bit of time to connect with each person, to help them feel “seen”. Our rates are per artist/hour or per customer for vendor events; any combo of services can be included depending on the artists available. Add Fairy hair and/or henna for a “Full Bling” experience. For very large events a line manager may be necessary to manage the flow of traffic.

Fairy Hair

Would you like to stand out a little or a lot?  What’s your color?

Fairy hair is a very fine iridescent thread that is tied to one or two strands of your actual hair, creating  a magical sparkly highlight. Go bold with many colorful strands or subtle with just a few and add dazzle to your tresses. Or your beard, if that’s your thing.

Like all things fairy, fairy hair is ephemeral. It may last a few days or a few months, depending on your hair and the weather in the magical realms.

This service is ideal for Birthday parties, Bridal and Baby Showers, Blessingways, bar and Bat Mitzvahs and any event where you want to add a bit of fairy magic.

Freehand Natural Henna

We offer freehand, organic natural henna services by appointment, and are available for private parties and limited public events. Whether you are celebrating a personal or small group occasion or want to offer a beautiful souvenir for your larger event, we would love to draw on you.

We make our own henna from certified organic lawsonia enermis (henna) powder, water or lemon juice, sugar and essential oils like lavender and cajeput to enhance the depth of color.  We also work in genipa berry (jagua) ink by request. We never use “black henna” or any products containing synthetic dyes or skin damaging preservatives and darkeners. We do offer “white” henna which is actually a surgical glue product that sits on the surface of the skin rather than dyeing it. Our work is entirely freehand; we do not use templates or standardized designs.  We can work in many different styles, each artist has their own flavor. We will work with you to set the scope for your henna; whether it is a festival style fun piece or something more elaborate or even something sacred. Our prices for individual work are determined by agreement in budget and scope between you and your artist.  Current rates are based on time to execute the design @ artist’s bill rate/hour.

Currently Eli, Nadia and Yael offer henna services by appointment or by event. Stephanie’s availability for appointments is currently limited to transitional work.

Festival Work/Large Parties (50+ guests)

For this type of event you can expect smaller simpler designs, approximately 5-10 minutes per person. We can set up a tent or an indoor table. Tent set up fee is $50 extra.

Private Parties (3-49 people)

Scope of henna depends on the time frame and the ratio of artists to guests. The fewer the guests, the more elaborate work is possible. We generally have a two hour minimum to travel for an appointment, so you will be billed for artist time + $25/hour travel. Events from 3-15 people are quite popular and the artist will divide their time across the guests who want henna.

Personal Occasion (1-2 people)

Henna can be self care and it can be part of a traditional or unique celebration and it can mark changes in our lives. Personal occasion henna is set in scope to your budget, based on the hourly rate of your artist.